Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Blog Address

I have decided to continue my blogging on a new site! This will be my last post on this page. Please continue following our adventures at this link:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Restaurants in Lausanne

For some reason, whenever I am asked for a restaurant recommendation, I have a hard time coming up with one! Does this ever happen to you? No matter how many places I have been to, inevitably, my mind goes blank when I have to try and actually pick one! Mark and I don't eat out that often, but we have enjoyed some good meals in Lausanne. I thought it would be fun to start a restaurant list that I can add to in the future. This will be my go-to list when we are racking our brains to try and think of a place to eat! Why don't you try it as well?!

  • Baz'art - Tapas
  • Tom-Yam - Thai
  • Pur - mix of everything
  • Myo - Sushi
  • Mauro - Italian (take-away)
  • La Stella - Italian (Pully)
  • Karma - Euro/Asian Fusion
  • Cafe de Grancy - Brunch
  • Cafe St. Pierre - Brunch
  • Etoile Blanche - mix of everything
  • Holy Cow! - Burgers
  • Chateau d'Ouchy - mix of everything
  • The Great Escape - Pub

Places to Try:

  • La Suite
  • Le Tramway
  • Au Chat Noir
  • Les Allies
  • Le Cafe du Grutli
  • La Pomme de Pin

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ski and Spa Weekend!

Last weekend, Mark and I went with a group of friends up to Val d'Illiez in the mountains for a ski/spa weekend! We drove up Friday night and then took the "petit" mountain train up to Champery the next morning for a ski lesson.

On the cable car from Champery up to the pistes!

It was my very first time on skis! It was a tough two-hour lesson, as the area in Champery did not have a bunny hill to practice on. I was on the "blue" piste, which is at the lower-end of the spectrum for ski runs, but still difficult for newbies! Mark picked it up quickly and did well. I, on the other hand, held onto our instructor the whole way down the mountain!

The view from our room

Mark and I stayed in an apartment at the Thermes Park Bains de Val d'Illiez. It is a hotel and residence that also has thermal baths. The baths were very relaxing, and also interesting, as our experience included quickly swimming through one cold outdoor pool in order to reach a warmer one!

Cable-car between Champery and the ski runs

View of the surrounding mountains while skiing

Our friends were staying at a chalet up the hill from our hotel. Their proprietors cooked us a delicious, home-made fondue for dinner on Saturday night.

Love this view!

Thermal Baths - One big indoor indoor pool and three outdoor pools

We spent Sunday hanging out at the baths again. My friend Kate and I took advantage of the spa and each had a massage. Then we met up with Mark in the baths for a few hours before it was time to head home.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A bit of home in Barcelona!

Enjoying the view over Barcelona's port

Barcelona's center with Sagrada Familia

Some delicious jamon at Barcelona's market "la boqueria"

Meet-up with Steph on my side of the pond!

Enjoying some Spanish wine-Rioja

Yummy pintxos!

Walkin' around town!

Barcelona's Arc de Triomphe!

The view from our hotel terrace

This past weekend, Mark and I ran into Steph in Barcelona, who was there to chaperone her university's winter term study-abroad program.

We had a great time wandering the city and catching up over delicious tapas and wine! It was so fun to have a friend from home on the continent!