Sunday, March 4, 2012

Restaurants in Lausanne

For some reason, whenever I am asked for a restaurant recommendation, I have a hard time coming up with one! Does this ever happen to you? No matter how many places I have been to, inevitably, my mind goes blank when I have to try and actually pick one! Mark and I don't eat out that often, but we have enjoyed some good meals in Lausanne. I thought it would be fun to start a restaurant list that I can add to in the future. This will be my go-to list when we are racking our brains to try and think of a place to eat! Why don't you try it as well?!

  • Baz'art - Tapas
  • Tom-Yam - Thai
  • Pur - mix of everything
  • Myo - Sushi
  • Mauro - Italian (take-away)
  • La Stella - Italian (Pully)
  • Karma - Euro/Asian Fusion
  • Cafe de Grancy - Brunch
  • Cafe St. Pierre - Brunch
  • Etoile Blanche - mix of everything
  • Holy Cow! - Burgers
  • Chateau d'Ouchy - mix of everything
  • The Great Escape - Pub

Places to Try:

  • La Suite
  • Le Tramway
  • Au Chat Noir
  • Les Allies
  • Le Cafe du Grutli
  • La Pomme de Pin