Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Temporary Relocation to Neuchatel

The view from the tram down the hill!

The view of Lake Neuchatel from our apartment

Today we relocated to Neuchatel, and now have corporate housing for the rest of the month! Woohoo! The Lausanne Palace and Spa is a great hotel, but nothing beats having your own place and a home-cooked meal! Neuchatel is the city that Mark will be commuting to for work. He starts work on the 15th, so work will be close by for a few weeks! The city is a lot smaller than Lausanne, which is why we decided to live there instead. It is beautiful though, and I am looking forward to checking out the area. Our apartment is spacious, fully furnished, and we have a fantastic view of Lake Neuchatel. We took the tram down the hillside to the town center this afternoon and did our first official grocery shop to fill up the fridge! The tram is right down the street from our place and comes up the hill every 4 minutes. It looks like a ride out of Disneyland! The commute to Lausanne is about 40 minutes, but goes quickly with only 1 stop in between. I will be up early tomorrow to get on the train for French class!


  1. omg sister, I love the picture of the tram going down the hill! I can't wait to ride it with you. =) Im glad you have a place of your own and can unpack your suitcase for a little while! Keep us posted.
    xoxo. sister

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