Friday, July 30, 2010

French Riviera: Our Beach Weekend in Nice

The beach!

Our private beach :)


Lunch by the beach

Finally back in the (warm) ocean!

Last weekend we decided to get out of of town and headed to the beautiful southern coast of Franc, our destination: Nice!

We had a fantastic time sun-bathing for two days on the Mediterranean. We arrived late on Friday night and hit the beach early on Saturday morning. All of Nice's beaches are rocky, so the private beaches offer (for a fee!) the option to rent a lounge chair and umbrella. I was very thankful for this, as the rocks hurt my feet! (I highly recommend water shoes!) We spent our first day at the "Neptune Plage." Saturday night, we walked around the pedestrian zone for a couple of hours checking out the shops before dinner. We had an excellent seafood dinner at Boccocaccio. I had fresh oysters and scallops and Mark ate a delicious soy-infused swordfish, yum!

Since we enjoyed the beach so much, we headed back again for more sun on Sunday! We picked a different beach this time, and ended up at "Hi Beach." We had a fun lunch by the beach there and enjoyed a cocktail before having to shower and head to the airport. Nice is an absolutely gorgeous location and Mark and I agreed that we will have to escape there for more fun in the sun more often!

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