Friday, August 27, 2010

Dad's Euro Visit!

Checkin' out the pirate ship in Ouchy!

Cruising across Lake Geneva from Lausanne to Evian, France

St. Francois (downtown Lausanne)

Playing Wii billiards at our apartment

Father-daughter time!

My Dad arrived about a week ago for his first visit en Suisse! It has been so fun having him here for some father-daughter time! Mark and I showed him some sights around Lausanne and took him on the ferry over to Evian. Being Chef Dad, I think he has hit up almost every grocery store in town, lol! We have had some fantastic home-cooked meals over the past week! He is staying with us until Tuesday and then he is off to Germany to visit our Berliner family!

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  1. How special to have him there! I hope you have a wonderful time together.