Saturday, June 27, 2009

The City Center and More Lake Time...Days 2 & 3

We have continued exploring more of the city over the last two days. Yesterday we took the metro about 6 stops to the city center. We spent a couple of hours walking around. We ate lunch at a really good self-service restaurant, which provided us with a lot of choices for lunch! I ate some yummy pasta and a side salad. We walked through Bongenie, a major department store here. We also saw the Lausanne Cathedral, although we didn't go inside. We plan on taking a tour there soon. Last night we went to the White Horse, a pub down the street from our hotel. We ate dinner and enjoyed a couple of beers. It was a good cultural experience for us....our first pub! :)

Today we ended up sleeping in very late, so we ate crepes for a late afternoon lunch next door at Creperie d'Ouchy. Ouchy is the lakeside area of Lausanne that we are staying in. Afterwards, we walked on the lake in the opposite direction that we went yesterday! We got some rain this afternoon, but it was never too heavy or cold for us to continue our walk. We found the dock where the lake boats take off from, so we plan on doing a lake cruise sometime soon. There are many different lines that run, so we can get to a lot of other cities on the lake via the boat. We also got some lake entertainment, as we watched a group of Swiss hanging out by the harbor where residents dock their boats. They had two canoes with two guys rowing them. They each had a platform where a third man stood. A man with a microphone counted down and then the canoes rowed past each other and the men on the platform would try and knock each other off into the was pretty hysterical! The second crew we saw ended up running into each other and one guy broke his oar and fell backwards off his seat! A very funny sight for us foreigners!

Tonight we went to Boccolina, a pizza restaurant also down the street from us. We enjoyed our first pizzas here, together with a refreshing glass of Cardinal, a Swiss beer! We then talk an evening stroll to check out the lake at night...the city is beautiful all lit up at night.

We have been told that a lot of places are closed on Sundays, so we might go see a movie tomorrow. That's all for now...keep you posted again soon!

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