Monday, June 29, 2009

A long lake walk, a pedal boat, and a big hill!

Enjoying a break from pedalling the boat on Lake Geneva

A beautiful view of the vineyards on our lake walk

Our last couple of days have been spent doing more exploring! Yesterday we did a 2 hour walk on the lake going east towards Pully, which is another very nice town. We have talked about living in Pully in we find an apartment that we like there. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, in the high 70's, and by the time we got back from our walk, we were pretty hot! We hit the hotel pool for a cool-down, and then we went back to our room to relax. We ended up having a pretty chill evening, as we got caught up in the USA-Brazil soccer final. :) During half-time, we walked down to the lakefront to grab some dinner. From what we have learned, Lausanne has free music entertainment by the lake every weekend. We were able to grab a sausage for dinner from one of the vendors set up the stage. Last night's entertainment was a Coldplay coverband!

Today we took the metro up the hill into the city center to go on a search for my European hair straightener!! (yes, I know, lame, but an essential item, and my American straightener does not work here.) We found a big COOP, which I would compare to a SuperWalmart. Not quite as big, but has everything all-in-one, including groceries. Our search was a success there! We also checked out the tourism center, which gave us a lot of good info on places to go and things to do! We then went out on the lake with a pedal boat for an hour! It was sooo much fun! It gave us a good view of both sides of land from the water. There were some interesting pedal boats that had a slide attached to them! Lake Geneva is known for being pretty clean due to stringent environment regulations, so swimming in the lake is safe.

After a rest in the room for a while, we took what turned out to be a very steep walk up Avenue d'Ouchy! It is a sharp uphill climb that is parallel with the metroline (what we normally use to get up the hill.) It was worth doing though, as it gave us some good exercise! We also got to see a part of the city that we had not seen before. Our walk turned out to be longer than anticipated, so by the time we got back to the room, it was late and we had not eaten dinner. We are now relaxing after having ordered room service. :)

Tomorrow we check out of Hotel Angleterre and into Lausanne Palace and Spa, as Angleterre did not have availability for the rest of this week. It is only about a mile from here but is more towards the city center, so it will give us a different location to explore. Stay tuned for more to come!

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