Friday, August 14, 2009

Geneva Festival Fireworks

Last Saturday evening we took the train to Geneva for the annual Geneva Festival fireworks display. The Geneva Festival is held during the first week of August every year. Booths line the sidewalks by the lake with food, games, and merchandise, as well as rides! The fireworks display is one of biggest fireworks shows in the world, and its reputation did not let us down!

We arrived around 8:00 pm and grabbed a hot dog for dinner before we set off on the trek to find our seats. There were tons of crowds, but we made it to our designated location about 20 minutes early and waited for the show to start...and what a show it was. At 10:00, all of the lights around the lake were turned off and the fireworks began. Each set of fireworks was choreographed based on a different theme and they were all set to music. It felt like they were right over our heads, they were so close. Mark and I agreed that we had never even seen some of the fireworks that were lit that night. It was an absolutely unbelievable show! Check out the following link for more pictures:
Here is a little taste of the show!

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