Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unpacking in Our New Place!

It has been an exciting few days for us, as we moved into our new apartment this weekend! We picked up the keys on Thursday and then I met the movers bright and early on Friday! We now have all of our belongings that we shipped over from the States. Woohoo! We still have a lot of work to do to put everything away, but it feels good to be home!

We are living in a new apartment complex in Lausanne. It has two bedrooms and an office, as well as a "cellar" (the basement!) for extra storage. We definitely have more room than we expected! As customary in European households, there are no closets, so we put in a big IKEA order which includes two armoires The furniture is tentatively scheduled to arrive this Thursday...which means we will have a lot of assembling to do, but it will be good to have a place to put our clothes!!

Our apartment is a few minutes away from the city center by bus. The bus stop is a one minute walk from our building which is very convenient! We also found a website which gives us the bus arrival times in real time, so we know when to head out the door! We also have a supermarket one block away so it is very easy to pick up groceries!

I posted a "before" picture, but I will post more once the place is decorated!

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