Monday, August 3, 2009

My morning tour of Neuchatel!

I headed out for a walk around Neuchatel this morning and ended up seeing some great sights. I originally intended to take the funiculaire (tram) down the mountain, but it was temporarily out of service, so I took a somewhat crazy (and creative walk) down the hill to get to the lake! I reached the lake and then headed in the direction of the church.

On my way into the old town, I walked past Maison des Halles, a 16th century Renaissance Market Hall. It is encompassed by Place des Halles, which now houses restaurants and cafes. I headed back up the hill to Eglise Collegiale, the early Gothic collegiate church. It offered some magnificent views of the town and Lake Neuchatel. The church became Protestant in 1530 under the leadership of Guillaume Farel, a leading religious reformer in Switzerland during the 16th century.

Next door to the church sits the Chateau de Neuchatel, which houses the law courts and the cantonal government. I was able to walk around the courtyard there.

I went back home for a quick break and then headed out to meet Mark at his office for lunch. I got to check out a new form of transportation as well! His office sits west of us on Lake Neuchatel. To get there, you take a tram on rails about 4 stops from the main square. He sent me detailed directions on how to get there so I arrived without any problems! I got to see the new research and development building and cafeteria, although for security purposes, I could not take a tour or see his office.

It was a fun day of exploring! More exploration ahead....stay tuned!

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